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Info on Starter Kits

To start selling Usborne books and join the Sunshine Team with Tom & Becky Dean…


1 – Choose a Starter Kit (details on each below)

2 – Complete the Consultant Agreement / Kit Order Form

NOTE… talking to a different Usborne Books & More Consultant? Contact them. You cannot switch teams once signed up.



In Your First 30 Days… earn your kit cost back!


Sell $1000 to receive a 1/2 KIT PRICE REFUND (about 3-4 avg parties)

Sell $2000 to receive a FULL KIT PRICE REFUND (5-7 avg parties)



In First 12 Weeks… earn extra books & supplies!


Earn books and cash in Usborne Books & More’s Write Your Own Success Story REWARDS PROGRAM

Starter Kits to Choose From...

Schools & Libraries

Consultants with Usborne Books & More need to become a certified Educational Service Representative (ESR) to approach, solicit sales and/or offer any Usborne Books & More programs to public or private K-12 schools and libraries. (n/a for daycares or preschools)

Consultants must also be a certified ESR in order to donate Usborne books or Kane Miller books to libraries and public or private K-12 schools (including classroom donations). Or, to donate or host an event that benefits a library, K-12 school or affiliated organization.

The process to become a certified includes… 1. Background Check  2. Video Training (3-4 hrs)  3. ESR Kit Purchase

The initial cost to become an ESR is $150.

Retaining your ESR certification costs $50 a year to cover a background check every 6 months.

The school & library market is a lucrative addition to parties, fundraisers, preschool book fairs and booth events. The process to become an Educational Service Rep can be started immediately after you have become a Consultant with Usborne Books & More.

Ready to Join the Sunshine Team?

Fill out the Consultant Agreement and purchase a Starter Kit. Still have questions? Email Us or call Becky Dean at: 218.744.2136

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