- Tom & Becky Dean, Senior Executives

Replacement Toys

Ordering Replacement Wind-Up Toys & Busy Toys

Fill out the form below indicating the Usborne Wind-Up Toys or Busy Toys you wish to order.

Cost is $5 each, plus $6 shipping. You will be emailed back a link to pay via PayPal.

Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for processing for all replacement toy orders. Thanks.


NOTE: You may add any amount of books to your replacement toy order for the same shipping cost so take a peek at our Online Store to make the shipping more worthwhile! 🙂 To add books to your replacement toy order, copy/paste the contents of your shopping cart into the comments below. You will be sent back an invoice listing the replacment toys and books with a link to pay via PayPal.

Usborne Wind-Up Train Toy 780000

Usborne Wind-Up Tractor Toy 899309

Usborne Wind-Up Race Car Toy (RED) 780002

Usborne Wind-Up Race Car Toy (YELLOW) 780003

Usborne Wind-Up Plane Toy 780001

Usborne Wind-Up Bus Toy 784656

Usborne Wind-Up Pirate Ship Toy 780417

Usborne Busy Bug Pull-Back Toy 780303

Usborne Busy Helicopter Pull-Back Toy 781947

Usborne Busy Car Pull-Back Toy 781209

Usborne Busy Train Pull-Back Toy 781996
(temporarily out of stock – ETA is 06/01/20)

Usborne Busy Santa Pull-Back Toy 781128

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Or, host a party for a FREE replacment! 

Yes, shipping is pricey (this is our cost). Consider hosting a party instead to earn a free replacement toy AND add’l free books!