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Welcome to Usborne Books & More with Tom & Becky Dean. We have been with Usborne Books & More since 1995 and can offer you experienced advice to help you choose the best Usborne books and Kane Miller books for the children in your life. If you would like personal recommendations and/or to order by phone, please call us at: 218.744.2136


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Usborne Books & More has been helping people build successful home businesses since 1989. We have been in direct sales for just as long and provide proven training & exclusive benefits for those who join our team – Book Nation. Our Success Story


An Usborne Books & More business is flexible, family-friendly, financially rewarding... And selling Usborne books is FUN! :-)


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Usborne books and Kane Miller books are educational books that kids LOVE to read! With almost 2000 titles, we have books for all interests and age levels. View our… COMPLETE CATALOG

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