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You can earn LOTS of free and discounted Usborne books and Kane/Miller books by hosting a party with Usborne Books & More. 

With an average size show of $400, you can earn over $75 in merchandise allowance and $100 worth of retail books at 1/2 price. (plus, shipping and sales tax)

Hosting a party is easy.  Simply invite friends over for a "Friends Night Out" to browse through the catalog, see some sample books and HAVE FUN!  A Consultant with Usborne Books & More will share briefly what makes Usborne books unique and our money-saving options.  Guests place their order and as the host you benefit by earning free and discounted Usborne and Kane/Miller books.

Sound easy?  It is!  So consider starting your own business with Usborne Books & More and do your own party.  By doing so you'll be able to earn DOUBLE Free Books!  Plus, earn the commission as the Usborne Consultant - approximately $100 for every party. 
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Please contact us for more information about becoming a Consultant with Usborne Books & More to do your own party. 

We can also set up an eShow for you to do an online party or Facebook party with Usborne Books & More. 

Please indicate your preferences in the notes.  Thanks.

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