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50% Matching Grants Details for Donors Recipients of Grants & Donations

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Details for Recipients of Grants & Donations

    • Any recipient of a grant or donation can make their monies stretch 50% farther by using their grant/donation to purchase Usborne Books & More products under the Literacy for a Lifetime 50% Matching Grant Program.
    • This applies to ANY SIZE grant or donation. 
      For example...  If your organization uses a $10,000 donation it will be matched with an additional $5,000 of Usborne Books & More products.  THERE IS NO CAP!!
    • The minimum order is a $500 but donations may be pooled together to reach that level.
    • There are 1500+ Usborne Books & More products to choose from.
    • Grant/donation recipients receive FREE shipping on both their retail and free book order.

How to Order

Under Usborne Books & More's 50% Matching Grant Program

Ordering is as easy as 1 2 3

Complete the Usborne Books Literacy for a Lifetime Grant Info & Payment Form.  Please include this form with your book order to qualify for the 50% matching grant from Usborne Books & More.

Send in applicable payment or Purchase Order for the retail portion of your Usborne books and Kane Miller books order.

Send us your order... the list of books you wish to order at retail and the list of books you wish to receive free with Usborne Books & More's 50% Matching Grant.  Download Book Order Form

Literacy for a Lifetime orders need to be entered as 2/3 retail and 1/3 free.  However, you may send us the total amount of books you want and we can separate it into the retail and free categories for you.  You will receive an invoice back with the final amount due to approve or to send to your accounting department to generate a Purchase Order.

Fax to: 218-742-9990   Attention: Literacy for a Lifetime

Or, mail the above information to:

     Attn: Literacy for a Lifetime

     8161 Peary Drive South

     Eveleth, MN  55734

Any Questions?  CONTACT US

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"One of the best gifts
you can give a child
is a book, especially
an Usborne Book."

Cameron McKinley, 2006-2007 Alabama Teacher of the Year

"...most fascinating,

child appealing books

I have ever seen."

Mary Pride

"Given the choice
between an Usborne book
and another book,

a child will always
select the Usborne!"

Debbie Lerner, '96 Nat'l
Social Studies Teacher of the Year

"Boys prefer reading
nonfiction, such as history
and adventure books."

Based on recent research by psychology professor Judith Kleinfeld - see article


"In the field of

information books,

Usborne is unbeatable

for their lively

and reliable productions."

The Guardian