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Usborne Fundraisers Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of boxes we must sell?

A very low 15 box order is required to qualify for all program benefits.

Do we collect payment at the time cards are ordered?

Yes, payment should be collected at the time of sale.

Who should customer make checks payable to?

Please have checks made payable to your organization.

Should we charge sales tax?

If your organization has a tax exempt number that you would like to apply to this fundraiser please give your Consultant the number and a copy of the documentation.  If your organization is not tax-exempt, the amount due for taxes will be deducted from your total amount raised.

What materials are provided? 

Your Usborne Consultant will provide order forms and a tally sheet.  When sales are completed, return the tally sheet to your Usborne Books & More Consultant.


Fundraisers are typically open for a two week period.  The fundraiser organizer then collects the order forms and payments from each participant, tallying up the orders to give to the Usborne Consultant.  You can expect to receive delivery of the cards approximately 2 weeks later. Your group will then deliver the cards to those who purchased them - and enjoy the funds earned!

Can we have more than one fundraiser per year with Usborne Books & More Cards for a Cause Fundraisers?


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"Through the Cards for a Cause Fundraisers program, our school was able to raise over $2,000.  We set a goal for each family in the school to sell 10 boxes, and most of the families met the goal.  We even had one family sell over 20 boxes. 
It was a great fundraiser."

Sally F. - Usborne Books & More Fundraiser Customer

"It was the easiest fundraiser we have done.  Simple choices and fast delivery.  Perfect fundraiser to raise money for our upcoming musical..."

From a High School Fine Arts Dep't Chair - a Cards for a Cause fundraiser customer

"We LOVED our Cards for a Cause Fundraisers event and plan to do it several times a year. We already have earned $350!"

From a happy Cards for a Cause fundraiser organizer in Minnesota